Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I take it back

I do know how he did it. :)

He rolls to his back, then grabs his feet, pulls them up as far as possible, and rolls over to his side. Then when he stretches back out again, it's at a 90 or so degree angle from where he used to be. He can turn himself in circles this way.

Clever, isn't he?

I would also like to report that Jonathan just entertained himself perfectly happily for 25 minutes.
Big, big, big smiles. :)


Amber said...

Wow, neat! I'm impressed!

I remember Emma doing that sort of thing, but I never figured out how she did it.

He is definitely moving on his way to mobility, isn't he... how exciting! :-)

Sarah said...

yay nephew! he's so smart and clever and coordinated...