Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Teeth, smiles, and consonants

No more news on the possible tooth. It seems to just be moving around at the moment, which is too bad, because when it moves it hurts him! I wish it would just break through and be done with it.

On the other hand, I'm happyI still have his lovely toothless grin to gladden my heart. I wish I could capture it in a photo...it's this incredible outburst of pleased joy that just makes me want to scoop him up and laugh and cry all at once. I can't get it in a photo, because as soon as the camera appears, he stops smiling and looks confused. Cameras are strange beasts, evidently.

So I try to engrave that smile in my memory now, and hope it stays there. Sometimes it seems that he's growing up so fast I'll never be able to truly relish each stage as he's there...because he's through it so fast! And then I remind myself that at least I'm here to notice.

He has a new consonant sound, as of this morning. Now he can say "guh" AND "buh". I have a funny feeling that he may say "Gabe" before he says "dada". :)

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Elena said...

We had that same problem with cameras. Cameras are such weird, fascinating contraptions that they would stop what they were doing and get a confused puzzled look on their faces. THe problem was solved when Andy's employer provided him with a spiffy camera phone. Phones are familiar, fun things, not nearly so distracting. In fact, sometimes they might even elicit extra-cute smiles!