Thursday, July 21, 2005

Kisses, exploration, and heat.

Jonathan has discovered that kisses are happy things. He now responds to kisses on his cheeks with big smiles, and kissing noises get out and out grins. It's fun to see him starting to associate acts of love with happiness.

Also, he now knows how to bring things to his mouth. And he brings EVERYTHING to his mouth! He doesn't know how to reach for things yet, but if you put anything in his hand, or if something happens to be in grabbing distance (his hand closes on it by accident) then into his mouth it goes! He just wants to experience the whole world through his mouth right now. I'm having fun giving him things with different textures to chew on.

It is abominably hot. God grant that I am never 8 months pregnant during July.

Jonathan and I are doing our best to keep cool...we go out to the pool in the afternoon when it's worst in the house, and I have a fan blowing on him as much as I can (the best seems to be putting him in the swing with the fan on him.) It's hard, though, because holding him doesn't really make him happy because he's sad 'cause he's hot and holding him just makes it worse. Only he doesn't know that, and so he's just unhappy. I feel bad for the poor kid. I'm miserable too, but at least I understand why. He's just miserable, and I can't make it better.


Amber said...

Oh, poor little Jonathan! I'm glad you have a pool nearby, I'm sure that helps. I remember the heat wave we had with Emma when she was about the same age and I would just lay her on the bed in just a diaper in the coolest room in the house. I would try and find little things to entertain her - toys, cool washcloths, whatever worked for at least a minute or two! I would just feel so bad for her that she was so uncomfortable and had no idea why.

Jess said...

never that pregnant in July. ha, ha, haha . . .