Thursday, July 21, 2005

Karate update

It's too hot to do anything, and Jonathan is still in the middle of his afternoon nap, so a quick update.

It's going ok.

It's incredibly hard on my body, which I think is actually because it exacerbates a problem I'm already having: namely that Jonathan gained weight faster than my muscles could keep up. So I'm tired and sore almost all the time anyway, and when you hurt at the beginning of a karate class, that's a tough place to be.

But I'm enjoying re-learning and remembering all the forms (I have 6 of them back completely now, and another two are starting to solidify again.) And sparring is still fun, which was a bit of a surprise, and one I'm quite happy about.

Leslie keeps telling me to take it easy. I'm trying. It's hard to find a balance, because I want to work hard and at the highest level that I can...but I also don't want to really hurt myself. And I don't want to burn myself out with less serious hurts either.

I'm going to keep it up. Remind me of that if I start talking about quitting again. :)

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