Sunday, July 10, 2005

It's a TOY!

And Jonathan is figuring out that he can play with it. :) We've hung a little stuffed giraffe rattle on his car seat, and today he started using his hands to bat at it (wow, it makes noise!) and pull it to him to chew on it (it tastes good too!) :) He entertained himself for quite a few minutes with this, while Gabe and I watched surreptitiously and enjoyed his new accomplishment.

It is amazing to watch his brain process things. He's learning cause and effect! And he seems to be enjoying it too. Yesterday he held an animated and quite happy conversation with the same giraffe.

It's just a stuffed giraffe, and it's just one tiny little action. But it's a huge step in Jonathan's learning and development, and I rejoice that I get to be here to see it happen!

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