Saturday, June 04, 2005

Pooping baby!

Last Monday we had our first really amazing episode of “explosive bowel movements” (as the baby books refer to it.) Jonathan has just grown out of the size one disposable diapers. I knew they were getting small; just the previous day he’d started being able to kick out of them slightly. But I had been lax in my laundry duty and had run out of cloth diapers. Thus, he was wearing a too-small disposable, and doing his utmost to make sure it did not stay on. Gabe was holding him, standing next to the computer desk, talking to Sarah, (who was visiting us) when suddenly we heard the most amazing sound, and poop exploded – not in his diaper where it belongs – but up and out the back! Gabe and I laughed and went to clean it up, while Sarah exclaimed over how gross it all was. Oh the difference being parents for a few months can make. :) It really was a terribly funny experience, although I imagine only parents who have had the same thing happen can truly appreciate the humor. :)

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Sarah said...

Hahaha... that was a memorable experience. I have told that story many times. It certainly made an impression. It's great that Jonathan can suck his thumb now - that makes two skills he has, along with pooping perpetually. :)