Monday, June 20, 2005


is Jonathan's favorite sound this week. There are some varieties on the theme, and he's still cooing (aahh, etc.) as well, but this is the main vocalization. He definitely has the "g" consonant sound down. A week ago he would talk in the morning but almost never through the rest of the day. Now he'll talk to me (on and off) all day long! It's so much fun to have him responding to me...somehow it makes it much more fun to sing nursery rhymes and recite poetry over and over and over and over... :) We can have little "conversations" now.

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Jess said...

Of course you know what this leads to. Conversations along the lines of:

"Yes, you are a cute baby"
"Well of course, absolutely, the CUTEST baby"
"In the whole wide world? Yep, cutest baby in the whole wide world."
"Well, I'm glad to tell you so anytime you like."
"You're welcome."

ad infinitum. :D