Thursday, June 23, 2005

Doctor appointments and nightmares

Apparently, these are related.

Jonathan got his first set of vaccinations yesterday morning. Poor kid, he cried and cried…but evidently he has a very short memory, because once it was over and I cuddled him, he calmed down within about thirty seconds. I think it was harder on me than on him, really, at least initially! He’s been really sleepy, and really sad since then, though. I guess it’s because his body is working so hard…I wonder what’s going on inside him. When he wakes up sometimes he’s ok, but sometimes he cries like he’s in pain, and I wonder why.

I’ve decided that doctor’s visits are traumatizing for mommies. I spent most of last night having nightmares about being in a doctor’s office, with a doctor telling me that Jonathan had a 103 degree fever (that I hadn’t noticed, somehow) and a multitude of other ailments (including cancer) and yelling that they had to treat him NOW and I had to make all these decisions and couldn’t get in touch with Gabe…it was horrible. And that was after a “well-baby” visit!

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