Monday, June 13, 2005


This past week, Jonathan has been experimenting with the use of his legs. He started out just with some rather spasmodic jerks against anything that touched his feet, but has now progressed to pushing himself up to a nearly standing position if I hold him on my lap. It must be hard work…he makes funny grunting noises while he does it, and seems pretty tired after awhile. I find myself cheering him on, and being inordinately proud of my strong little boy!

He’s also been showing lots of intense concentration lately. I can’t always figure out what he’s looking at, but whatever it happens to be, he’ll look at it for a very long time, and hold his whole body very still while he looks. It’s fascinating to watch his brain absorb so much.

Have I mentioned that I really like being a mom? And I really-really like being a stay-at-home mom? It's lovely to be here all the time; to know him so well and notice every new thing as he grows... and to have the time to enjoy it.

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