Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Jonathan has found his thumb!

He can consistently bring his fist to his mouth now, and with some work, eventually get his thumb in his mouth. Now, this is an accomplishment, yes. But it is extra specially wonderful because it means that he can now calm himself down. Last night I fed him at eight, and he went to sleep at 10pm. Gabe and I resigned ourselves to waking up in a hour or so, and went to bed with him. Imagine our delight when we woke up at 2:30am to find our son happily sucking on his thumb! He wasn’t upset or crying or really even fussing…I woke up because my shirt was soaked with milk. :) So last night we got two lovely 4+ hours stretches of sleep, and I feel better than I have in two months…maybe longer!

What a difference sleep makes in my outlook on life. Last Saturday I felt that life was quite grim…I had wanted to do so many things with the day, and somehow most of them didn’t happen. I desperately wanted to lie down and sleep, but didn’t because there was so much to do, and so spent the day in a haze of frustrated exhaustion.

Today I feel that I can take on the world, and win. There are roses on the table, the kitchen sink is clean, Jonathan is washed, diapered, and fed, and it’s 8:30am. Jonathan is happy, I’m happy, and the whole beautiful day is ahead of me. I don’t even mind that the workmen who came to fix some weather rot yesterday punched a whole through my kitchen wall. :)

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Libby said...

He's sooo cute!