Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Family visits

Mom, Dad, Jonathan, and Christopher were here this weekend, visiting. Jonathan had his Baja car competition in Arizona, and so they all came for a visit while they were in the area. I’m glad they could come, because little Jonathan is already getting so big, and we aren't visiting up north until August, and Dad and Jonathan and Christopher hadn’t seen little J at all except in pictures. On Sunday we had a barbeque here at our house…Aunt Susan, Uncle Gary, and David (my cousin) brought the food, we provided charcoal and plates and cups, and we all had a grand time. Then yesterday morning I drove down to Aunt Susan’s house to spend the morning with her and Christopher and Mom while Dad and big Jonathan were down in Carlsbad with a customer. Mom and Aunt Susan very politely fought over whose turn it was to hold Jonathan, and I got him back only when he was hungry. There are perks to being a breastfeeding mom…no one can replace you! :)

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Amber said...

Ah, I remember those days! I know exactly what you mean - without that particular feeding requirement, I don't think I would ever get to hold Emma when we would visit family. I remember wandering through our families' houses during visits trying to figure out what to do with myself without my baby in my arms. Yes, it was nice to have a break, but still I missed my baby!