Saturday, September 04, 2010

Little things that make a big difference

Running the dishwasher every night. Yes, this means I'm sometimes running it when it isn't technically quite full. And guilt over that is what kept me from doing it for the past few years! But the fact is that if I run it every night and we put the clean dishes away every morning, it is just part of our routine. And an easy part, at that! Now I never have to wonder "are they clean, or are they dirty?" and I'm not trying to fit in an "extra" chore at odd times of the day. Also, because it is now part of the morning routine, the kids do (most of) it for me. :)

Which brings me to another little thing:

Morning chores. Every morning, after breakfast and before anyone does anything else, we do our morning chores. Everyone gets dressed, the house get picked up (each child generally has his own section for this), a load of laundry is started, and the dishwasher is emptied. It is such a helpful way to start the morning! And the kids are so good at it, now, that it isn't all that difficult.

Hurray for routines!

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