Sunday, September 12, 2010

Business names - feedback wanted!

I'm working on coming up with a name for my doula business. My husband's first suggestion was "Crowning Achievement" which left us both laughing. :) Our best serious idea so far is "Emerging Peace Doula Services". I want to specialize in VBAC births, and I like the double meaning of the name in that context. So many women do achieve peace about their previous cesareans after a successful, peaceful VBAC.

So without starting an argument about whether or not a woman needs to find peace after a cesarean, ;) I'd love some feedback about the name. What connotations does it have for you? What images come immediately to mind? Does it have any religious implications (of any sort)? Etc.?

Thank you!


Jessica said...

I gotta say, I love "Crowning Achievements". :D Think what great clients you'd get - they'd all have senses of humor!

"Emerging Peace" sounds New Age to me. That would be my assumption if I just read it in a phone book.

Anonymous said...

I like Crowning Achievement, too.
and (sorry) I don't like Emerging Peace, it sounds v. liberal and odd.
how about:
Safe passage
Happy landings
Paraclete doula
Accompanied by grace
Born naturally
Side by Side
Comfort doula

Anonymous said...

sorry Em, I'm having trouble with the comments section - that last comment was mine ;-D

Katie Jones said...

Have to agree with Betsy- I don't like Emerging Peace. It sounds very vague. I like something more like "Gracefully Born"

Even though there are a lot of hippie types who want a doula, there are also a LOT of christian, natural types that that name would appeal to. My Bradley birth class for instance in Costa Mesa was more than half Christian.

Just some thoughts..

Emily (Laundry and Lullabies) said...

Names are such tricky things! Honestly, I'm not trying to only appeal to "hippy types". :) Emerging Peace appeals to me because after a cesarean, many women are striving to find peace in their birth. A baby emerges and (often) so does peace. That's the thought process, anyway. I'm curious why "Peace" sounds new age or liberal to some of you - it is such a Christian concept!

I do like some of the suggestions, but some of them infer things that I can't promise! 'Safe passage', for instance - I have nothing to do with the safety of a birth. Same with 'born naturally' - that is entirely the prerogative of the woman and her doctor, not me. :)

'Grace' is a very good term and one that I need to consider more.

Amber said...

I'm going to agree w/ Jessica - Emerging Peace sounds new age-y to me - it sounds like something you'd find up here. *grin*

I like Katie's suggestion of Gracefully Born - it would be particularly great with a logo that emphasized the Grace part of the name.

And Crowning Achievements would be a fun name... but I think I'd have a hard time saying it with a straight face!

Amber said...

You have an interesting point about the name - I think when I read Emerging Peace it feels like it is very much about peace in the here and now - worldly peace and not God's peace. I completely see your point about how a successful vbac can bring peace and healing, but I don't immediately think of that sort of personal, micro scale peace, instead I think of world-wide macro scale peace, which starts sounding like new-agey peace at any costs sort of peace.

OK, so I'm not sure how much sense that all makes, but that's what I'm thinking at the moment - in a poorly explained nutshell!

Ma Torg said...

re: can't promise 'safe passage'. In a sense, you can't promise peace either. With doula names, i guess I lean more towards describing YOUR role in the birth process and less the outcome you hope your clients to desire.

And even though this name is lame, something more along the lines of 'helping hands' doula services strikes me as more appropriate.

Alisha said...

As someone who has had a successful VBAC, I agree with the notion of peace. However, I still agree with the new age-y connotations. I thought that it might be that I just live in Washington, but it appears that a lot of other people had the same thought. What about "New Beginnings"? This would work for first-time moms as well as moms having a TOLAC. Crowning Achievements is great though!