Saturday, January 23, 2010

Vons trip - yay for coupons!

I spent a bit more time than usual this week, preparing for this trip. It was a big one! But very worth the extra time. See everything in the picture? I paid $39.48 for it. The original total (pre-sale and pre-coupons) was $132.53.

What I want to highlight this week is the effect that e-coupons can have on your total spending. Do you use Cellfire and Shortcuts? You should. These are sites that allow you to load ecoupons directly to your Vons or Ralphs card, and the discounts automatically come off when you check out. Each month they come out with new coupons, and I generally load all of them to my card regardless of whether I *think* that I'll use them, because you never know when a really good promotion will coincide with their coupons.

This trip I saved:
$9.15 with shortcuts coupons
$7.30 with cellfire coupons
$19.70 with normal paper coupons
$10.69 with more specialized paper coupons (you probably have to follow a few deals blogs to get them)
$2.50 with catalinas

Total coupon savings: $49.34

Come to think of it, I just paid for a year of the Sunday paper (which I purchase primarily for the coupons) and it cost less than I saved this week.

Pretty sweet. :)

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