Thursday, January 21, 2010

Rainy days

It is raining raining raining here. I haven't seen a storm like this for five or six years. It is glorious!

And it creates a serious mismatch in energy around here. I want to curl up with a good book, or sit and look out the window and just watch it fall and listen to the thunder.

My kids? Bouncing off the walls.

We're working with it, though, and having a good time!

One evening we built a fort with sheets and chairs:

Jonathan has spent days creating his very first *real* model. He painted each piece so carefully,

and the finished space shuttle really is pretty impressive. I'm very proud of his efforts!

Thomas enjoyed painting, too.

Yesterday morning we went on a rain walk in the puddles.

And when I say "puddles" what I mean is "the lake that used to be our front walkway."

Today the kids have created their very own kitchen table, and are serving soup and salad.

You know what? I really like raising these kids. Even if I don't have much time for watching the rain come down.


sarah marie said...

Those are a lot of great projects for rainy days! I love rain. It's been snowing here... very pretty until you have to go shovel your driveway!

Mom said...

Sounds like you're making lots of fun for your three little fellows! I'm assuming you've taught them to sing "Me Father Was the Keeper of the Edystone Light" with gusto out in the puddles? Traditions must be upheld, you know! :-)