Friday, January 08, 2010

Bacteria and blood cells

Last night Jonathan developed a fever. He wanted to know what gave him the fever, so today we did a little mini study on bacteria and viruses, fever, and white blood cells. He's four, mind, so this was on an incredibly basic level ("white blood cells fight the bad bacteria and all that work makes your temperature go up"). We also talked about how very tiny all these things are, and how scientists can see them through microscopes.

We found a couple of pictures - a microscope, a girl with a microscope, and diagrams of bacteria cells - all quite good for coloring.

There is also a very clear, labeled diagram of a standard microscope here.

And then we looked up "biology", and he traced the word and read through the definition. Jonathan has definitely grasped the concept of "sounding out" basic words.

Who knew that getting a fever could lead to so much fun? :)
(He's fine, now, by the way!)

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