Thursday, January 21, 2010

Joining forces

Every now and then I watch Gabe around a little baby girl, and I think "Well. We may need to have another one." Not that I'm ready to do it just yet, and not that I'm conceding that I'll do it just ever, just...saying.

Apparently my little boys are joining forces with their daddy in the "we need a baby girl" department. Today Katie came over with baby Naomi, and you should have seen my boys melt. Jonathan was dreadfully disappointed that I wouldn't let him hold her all by himself (she's only just six weeks old). He and Thomas stood beside me and talked and oh-so-gently stroked her head for a truly amazing length of time. Naomi smiled at Jonathan and I think she won his heart entirely.

After they left, Jonathan came up to me and asked "Mommy, please can we have another baby, so I can hold her really gently? I don't want to just borrow someone else's baby." I replied "well, maybe someday. I'm not sure." His response? "Well, Mommy, but it has to be really soon, because I'm really fond of it!"

(I should mention that Gabe is in no way pressuring me to have another baby any time soon! It is just that something in his eyes when he looks at little ones.)


Amy said...

This has been on my mind lately too! It seems for the past 5 years anytime life started to seem just a bit easier, we'd have another baby!!! And lately little Clara has been sleeping great, playing with the big kids so well and is so much more independent. So we got a kitten :-)

Amber said...


I love the part where Jonathan said, "I don't want to just borrow someone else's baby." I've had a lot of conversations with Emma like that too. I keep telling her that there is no guarantee that we'll have a girl this time... and she sighs and says that she'd be "ok, I guess" with another brother but she'd REALLY like to FINALLY have a sister!

Elena said...

You do have a great track record for coming out with great kids... =)

Emily (Laundry and Lullabies) said...

Elena, thanks! So do you. :)