Friday, June 19, 2009

Target trip 6/18/09 *UPDATE*

Update: I called Target corporate guest relations and they were great! They were happy to hear that I liked the store, and they also said that the coupons should have been accepted. They are sending both the compliment and the complaint to the store manager. In the meantime, they are sending me a $3 corporate issued coupon which I can use on my next trip there.

I almost never shop at Target, but this week's grocery deals were uncommonly good. I wonder if Target is trying to branch out and reach more people with their grocery section? If that is their goal, I think it might be working. Shopping in their grocery section was simply a pleasure. Everything was clearly marked, the arrangement of the aisles made sense, and the store was clean and bright. Not only that, even though I was shopping at 9pm, I had no trouble finding an employee to answer a question, and checking out was quick even though there were a lot of other shoppers in line.

The clerk was friendly and didn't mind that I had a pile of coupons for her to scan. I did run into a problem using Target coupons (printed from the Target website) - they didn't scan, and the clerk and manager both said they were sorry, but there was nothing they could do about that. They gave me the number for Target corporate, and I think I'll call them today. I have lots of nice things to say about their store, and I think they'd like to hear those as well as about the coupon problem I encountered.

All in all, I'll probably pay more attention to Target fliers in the future, and may end up shopping there more frequently.

What I bought:
3 Huggies (buy 3, get a $5 GC promotion)
6 ice creams (buy 5, get a $5 GC promotion)
4 pkgs Oscar Mayer lunch meat
2 pkgs Kraft cheese slices (buy meat and cheese, get meat free promotion)
2 pkgs organic tortilla chips
1 jar salsa (buy 2 chips, get free salsa promotion)
1 Skippy pb
1 Welch's jelly
1 Oroweat bread (buy pb and jelly, get bread free promotion)
1 jar Pace salsa
1 jar A-1 sauce
1 pkg napkins

Coupons used:
$1.50/1 huggies (3)
$1/2 breyers (2)
$1/2 oscar mayer (2)
$1/2 kraft (1)
$.55/1 welch's (1)
$1/1 pace (1)
$2/1 A-1 (1)

Tried to use target coupons:
$1/1 chips (2)
$.50/1 pace (1)

Total paid:

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Katie Jones said...

Looks yummy! Yep, I began shopping for groceries before Luke was born, but browse the grocery aisles even more now. I already get baby supplies there and it is so nice and convenient. Also, they have great clearance grocery items sometimes. Oh, and check out their prices on canned veggies. I paid 52c a can last time I think.