Friday, June 26, 2009

Day 6: on the road again

Destination: Jiggs, Nevada (otherwise known as: Middle-Of-Nowhere, Steve's Home)

About half an hour into our morning drive, we found ourselves here:

On a winding mountain road with nowhere to pass. Just keep smiling, just keep smiling, just keep smiling...

So it was a slow start. But eventually, after a very long drive across the Nevada desert (I can't stand the Nevada desert!) we arrived in Elko. Bliss!

Not the city, silly.

Coffee! Bathrooms! Whipped cream! Cell service!!!!! Seriously, it was a very happy family that piled out of the car. :)

After that it was only about 60 more miles to our destination, Cowboy's Rest Ranch. However, since 20 of those are on a dirt road, it took awhile. Our kids were such troopers.

You can see here what I mean about the Ranch being in the middle of nowhere:

It was SO worth the drive. I think we would drive across the entire country to see Steve. Steve was Gabe's roommate in college, and a more amazing, cheerful, funny, gifted, hospitable man of God you would be hard-pressed to find. Visiting him is good for Gabe, pleasant for me, and our kids love him...he's an honorary uncle.

We all stayed up WAY too late. "Steve time" is entirely different from normal "we-have-small-children-time"! We had a campfire,

and made "moon pies" (bread and a smorgusbord of fillings, toasted in irons in the fire).

And just before tucking into bed, Gabe took the boys outside to see the stars.

Sometimes I think Gabe would be perfectly happy living in Nevada. Sadly, he married a wife who hates the desert. But I have to say that when I stand in Nevada and stare up into the stars, a tiny part of me wishes I didn't have to leave.

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