Friday, June 26, 2009

Day 5: more family

Tuesday morning I left Gabe and the kids and went to spend an hour with my maternal grandparents.

It was such a treat to have time to just sit down and talk to them without needing to split my attention between them and childcare! And it's fun to be old enough to really converse with them as an adult.

Then at lunchtime, we all went to a park and met Uncle Jonathan and Aunt Jenny. We had races across the grass (that's my brother carrying Thomas in the picture) and climbed on big rocks and played pooh sticks in the creek.

The boys skipped naptime because it was our last day with grandparents and really, who needs naps when you can play in the sprinkler?

Josiah got a bath instead of a sprinkle. Bathing babies is a Grandmommy tradition.

Everyone had a bedtime story with Grandmommy.

Josiah listened and played with his toes.

And then Gabe and I watched Mama Mia with Mom and Dad. Seriously strange movie, that one. But great music. :) Apparently the kids hadn't fallen asleep when we started watching, because ever since Thomas and Jonathan have been running around singing "mama mia, here I go again..."

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Amber said...

That's a great picture of Grandmommy and Granddaddy! And how neat to get a chance to talk as an actual adult. I was at my grandmother's 85 birthday party last night without Matt and it was quite challenging to keep everyone fed and happy and reasonably quiet... I woke up really hungry this morning which makes me think that I probably forgot to eat while I was there. :-)

I'm glad you're still posting your travel log, I've been enjoying it.