Friday, June 12, 2009

Have you EVER seen anything so cute?

Cloth diapered bottoms are just adorable. :) I got tired of paying for disposable diapers for 2.5 children - even buying at rock bottom sale/coupon prices it was really adding up. So back to cloth we went (for the littlest one). I really do like it better. Must remember that!

Josiah has entered a "no, let me feed MYSELF" stage. He's handling much bigger pieces of table food and loving all the fresh fruits and veggies we've been having. Today I was feeding him sweet potato and left it a little too close to him while in the kitchen getting milk for the other boys. What a result! He was enjoying himself so much, and the damage was well and truly done, so I let him play...and he fed himself the whole bowl!


Trace said...

That diaper is ADORABLE! I have heard so many great things about cloth diapers and will definitely consider them if we have kids someday.

Amber said...

We have that diaper cover too - in two sizes. :-) I so wish I could just be DONE with the disposable diapers with Gregory... that kid so needs to be potty trained. Why oh why can he not understand that he needs to go to the potty *before* his pants are wet??? *sigh* he'll get it one of these days, I'm sure... and if I had more time to devote to this we'd probably be done with it by now. Oh well, hopefully we'll be in the house soon and then we can really try and tackle it.

RWilson05 said...

what kind do you recommend and where can I find them, and HOW do I clean them!! My youngest is 1 and has THE worst diaper rash ALL OF THE TIME!! I need to go to cloth diapers, but have no idea WHAT TO BUY, WHERE TOBUY, or HOW TO USE THEM! He's my 4th and I've never contemplated them until now! HELP! I'M DESPERATE!!
Rachael @ Frugal Mommy