Thursday, May 21, 2009

Stealing my joy

I think Satan enjoyed reading my last post. He’s been whispering a lot of lies in my ear lately and he must have appreciated seeing their results.

Satan would have me believe that the work I do is drudgery, unimportant, beneath me, worthless. He would have me think that I am ill-used and unappreciated.

He overstepped himself, though, and I finally caught it. You know what? It is utterly unreasonable to feel ill-used because I am making dinner while my husband takes care of the kids. (I know, you’re probably thinking – it took THAT to make her recognize the lies? I know. Sometimes I’m really slow.)

Jesus never said life would be easy. I will have difficult days. But I can still call the lies what they are: LIES, and refuse to let Satan decide how I’m going to feel about my life.

Time alone and time away is a gift, and I need to recognize and appreciate it as such. It is a very good gift, and one that I would like to receive frequently, but like my friend Jessica reminded me, you can’t rely on gifts!

So I am repenting. I am asking Jesus to help me reclaim joy. And peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. (Parenting requires ALL of those. All the time.) And since the Holy Spirit lives in me, I believe that by His grace I can work toward this new perspective.

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Sylvia said...

It's a good thing when Satan overplays his hand, but I, like you, am usually wondering what took me so long to figure it out!

Blessings of joy to you today.