Tuesday, May 05, 2009


We've been doing a lot of gardening around here the past few weeks. The biggest project was getting this bed (see below) ready for planting again. Last summer (while about 8 months pregnant) I conceded the battle with the crabgrass. So this spring the entire bed needed to be pulled, dug up, and re-started. I saved some of the strawberry plants in the hopes that they would re-root, but I'm not sure. In any case, they weren't going to produce well while choked with crabgrass, so it was a known loss vs. a possible loss!

In any case, here is the bed all ready for planting again.

My two gardening helpers:

All planted! We laid newspapers down and planted everything through slits, in the hope that the crabgrass would be stymied for awhile. :)

My other gardening helper. Doesn't he have the best smile?


Green beans:


Sweet William:

And my lovely roses which, thankfully, are now aphid free! (That was the other battle I'd been fighting, and I think I've won that one!)

I love the results of gardening. And I usually like the work, too. But boy howdy, does it ever take a long time to do it right! Hopefully, now that we've done the hard getting ready work, it will be easier to sustain it all summer.


sarah marie said...

Your garden is bee-yoo-tee-ful!! I am SO excited about having a big ol' back yard once we get moved into our house, and I'm sure I'll be calling you for gardening advice... although gardening in New England is a foreign thing to both of us, I'm sure!

Amber said...

It all looks great! And your kiddos are so cute. I love how much the little ones like to help in the garden. I've been trying to do some garden work here and there and the kids love helping me - they wish I could be out there all the time. And believe me, I'd much rather be out there digging than laying flooring... oh well, hopefully I'll get to do more gardening next year.

Trace said...

Wow great work lady! Can you come to my house next?! =) Gosh your kiddos are so precious.