Friday, May 08, 2009

Saying "thank you"

It was high time to write thank you notes for Jonathan's birthday gifts, and the boys wanted to do it themselves. So we busted out the watercolors (Thomas for the very first time!) and went to town. They had a great time and so did I; it was such fun to see their creativity. This one (see the pointing finger below) was entirely Jonathan's idea. He asked what letter made the sound "th", and when I explained, he promptly started painting "TH"!

Thomas wanted to use lots of different colors, and was surprisingly careful about not mixing them on his brush.

The boys stuffed, sealed, and stamped their own letters.

Ready for the postman!

Family, watch your mailboxes. :)

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Amy said...

How wonderful to include them in the activity. Arts and Crafts and character building. And so much sweeter than a store-bought card. I'll have to steal this idea.