Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Carpet cleaning - oh help!

This is a long shot, I know. But I'm desperate.

Some time ago I blogged about my wonderful carpet cleaner. Sang his praises up and down and didn't include his name or phone number. I tell you, that was great planning on my part. Well, I do still remember his name: Jeff Cor, of Cor's Carpet Cleaning Services, based in Orange County CA.

Unfortunately, I have lost his business card (actually I'm almost positive that my youngest child ate it) and he isn't listed anywhere on the internet and I don't have a phone book. So I'm just wondering if anyone else knows about him and knows his phone number?

You see, my oldest child decided to get up early this morning and play (unsupervised!) with paint. And although I know that red is a lovely festive color, it just isn't quite the look I had in mind for my beige carpet. So we could use Cor's service right about now.

If you don't know of this guy specifically, is there anyone else (in this area) who you would recommend as being good and not too expensive?

It is times like these that I wish I had Shannon's readership. :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Em,

Ask Grandma about the time Dad decided to get up and play with her bright red lipstick, using the carpet for his art's background. I think she can relate ... and maybe even has some carpet cleaning ideas for red?

Love you (and your artistic son!),

Cafe Prima said...
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Jen said...

I have no suggestions-I hope you find him! Do you remember HOW you found him before? Or do you remember how you paid him? If you used a credit or bank card, the bank would have his phone number.

If you have to resort to doing it yourself, I suggest the machines at Home Depot. It was $23 for the day and it did a MUCH better job than the ones at the grocery store because it was commercial grade.

Good luck finding him!

Kerry said...

Oh, I hope you found him! I lost our contact info for our carpet guy too! I keep hoping it will turn up one of these days.