Tuesday, December 18, 2007

WFMW - Christmas edition

Shannon has some interesting ideas for making the "get ready for Christmas" rush a little easier. So do her readers, so you should check out the links, too. And this time I have something to offer as well! :)

Last week I held my (mostly) annual Get-Ready-For-Christmas Party. I started doing this a few years ago because it sounded like fun. Apparently my invitees thought so, too, because this year I forgot all about it until a friend asked me when it was going to be!

The idea is simple. Everyone comes over with their own Christmas project in hand. It might be presents to be wrapped, or Christmas cards to write, or a Christmas craft/gift, or just envelopes to be addressed. I serve cookies and tea (although I forgot the tea this time - oops!) and everyone works on their particular project in good company with good conversation. Each year it gets a little more hectic, as we have a tendency to keep adding children to the mix! But even with our small interrupters, we generally accomplish quite a bit and enjoy ourselves in the process.

It takes very little planning (just a bit of housecleaning and a batch of cookies) to host a party of this sort, because your guests bring their own entertainment. :) And you get the fun of a party AND the satisfaction of a project crossed off your Christmas "to-do" list. It works for me!


happygeek said...

That sounds like a lot of fun! It's always easier with a friend by your side!

Amber said...

That sounds like a great idea - I could have used that this year. This year was rather hopeless in the whole getting ready for Christmas department... but I'm strangely OK with it all. I think at this point I'm going to send out Happy New Year cards and just be done with it. :-)

sharinskishe said...

I think a 'Get Ready For Christmas Party' sounds like a great idea! I could use the support that my friends could give me. I hope you had a Merry Christmas! and Best Wishes for a Happy New Year!!

I put a link on my post today to this page as I think your idea is so great.