Wednesday, March 28, 2007

WFMW - baby "book" boxes

When I brought Jonathan home from the hospital, I carefully saved all the little mementos that came with him. His hospital bracelet, the little hat he wore first, the cute "it's a boy" tag that graced his bed. I kept all the "welcome little one" cards and the balloon and little teddy bear. A few weeks later, I added his baptism candle and certificate to the pile.

I had the best of intentions. I had a darling baby book that I was going to fill out in detail. I was going to be the perfect mother, you know!

Well, he's about to turn two years old, and that pile of memories was still just that two days ago - a pile, stuffed into a drawer. I remembered it because he opened the drawer and pulled it all out! :)

Realism hit: I am not that "perfect" scrap-booking mother. (Where did I get the idea that I had to scrapbook to be perfect, anyway??) Creating gorgeous baby books just isn't my style! But I do care about the memories. So my solution is to make "baby book boxes". I picked up two photo boxes from Michaels. They're reasonably sturdy, cute (blue stripes) and just about the right size. Buy one with those 40% off coupons they're always sending, and they only cost $2.59 each!

Memories preserved, with minimal fuss. Works for me!

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Tater and Tot said...

Oh, that's a great tip! I have "memory boxes" that I use for the same thing. Much more tangible than a baby book, I think! Thanks for sharing!

Alexandra said...

This post made me smile. My "baby" is now nine years old, and I did a little box for him also. My sister-in-law bought one for me at a craft show. It's a big painted wooden box made just for baby memories. I love's like a little time capsule!

I'e done the same for my daughter, although I need something more's in a set of wooden organizing boxes.

Great tip!