Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Grocery game update

Some of you have been curious as to how this is working out over a longer period of time, so I thought I'd try to post updates every now and then.

Monday is my Vons shopping day. Yesterday's trip was a pretty basic shopping trip - canned goods, juice, chips (at Gabe's request), graham crackers, cheese, tomatos...you get the idea. Not a large trip because I'm going once a week, so I don't have to buy a lot at a time.

All but one item were on a Vons sale, because that's pretty much the way I shop. If it isn't on sale, why buy it? :) I used 8 coupons, 7 of which Vons doubled.


Original price: $47.32
Sale price savings: $17.08
Coupon savings: $9.81
Total paid: $20.43

The happiest part is that Vons let me use a store coupon AND a manufacturing coupon on the chips Gabe wanted, so they actually ended up paying me 12 cents to take them home. :)

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