Thursday, March 29, 2007

More on toddler catechizing

This morning during breakfast Jonathan and I had a theological conversation. It was sparked by a little snow globe creche that never got put away after Christmas. :)

Jonathan: "Jesus loves me...Bible tells me so."
Emily: (thrilled that all those repetitions of "Jesus loves me" are paying off!) "That's right, Jesus loves you."
Jonathan: "On the cross..."
Emily: "Yes, Jesus died on the cross because he loves us."
Jonathan: "Water on it?"
Emily: "Are you talking about Thomas' baptism?"
Jonathan: "Yeah!"
Emily: "Thomas was baptized, and so were you."
Jonathan: "Water on it."
Emily: "Do you know why you were baptized?"
Jonathan: *puzzled look*
Emily: "So you could be part of Jesus' family."
Jonathan: "Jesus loves me."

So neat! I've been wondering for awhile if Jonathan just thought that "Jesus" meant "church" (that is usually how he uses the word) but I guess I was wrong - he just has a correct association with church!

And while we're on the subject, Jessica has a great post up about her own toddler's catechism. You can read it here, and oh boy is it worth reading!

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Linds said...

Fun stuff. I bet this is how Aquinas sounded to God. :)

And hey- what the deal? becca and I don't rate the "family and friends" links bar? Fine then. Be that way.