Tuesday, March 13, 2007

More on language

A few more language acquisition gems for you:

"Ride a top airplane?"

"Make a flowers!" (while playing in the garden with a trowel)

If he hands something to Gabe and says “thank you Daddy” that means Daddy is supposed to say “thank you”.

Then there are the strange grammatical theories that he's developing:

"Hold the Mommy Thomas." = "Mommy is holding Thomas."

"Hold the Daddy." = "Daddy, hold me."

"Take a daddy hand away." = "Daddy, take your hand away."

"Hold Mommy that?" = Hold that, Mommy.

These are becoming less and less frequent, though, and I'm finding myself sort of missing them, even as I enjoy his new skills. He's growing up so fast, and as cliche as it sounds, I do find it bittersweet.


lasselanta said...

Given his consistent sentence order (verb-subject-object), it sounds like he's been around someone speaking Hebrew! ;-)

Dy said...

Motherhood is the very definition of bittersweet. Each step is joyful, sorrowful, elating, and heartrending. Not to sound like a harbinger of bad news, but... it gets worse. :-S (In a beautiful way, of course.)


Lori said...

My favorite in our house is "Now we are a teamwork!"