Wednesday, March 15, 2006


You have to watch this. It is worth letting your dial-up connection work on for awhile. (Just turn the sound down, walk away, and come back in twenty minutes.) It's worth it. :)

Hat tip to Sarah for this one. Sarah, dear sister, how do you find stuff like this???


Sarah said...

Well, it helps that I'm so cool.

I also have a cool boyfriend, who has a cool dad, who emailed it to him.

I've watched it at least a dozen times. I think it's incredible.

JMS said...

I have NEVER seen anything like that. I found it so ironic I laughed. But it is impressive. ; )

Lauren said...

Hi Mrs. Moot...oh right, you want me to call you Emily, now. :D I found you via a Torrey list. :D

Emily said...

Hi Lauren! Good to "see" you here. :) Do you blog or just read them?