Monday, March 27, 2006

Doing things the hard way. :)

Jonathan plays hard, practices hard, sleeps hard, and cries hard. This mom is tired from trying to keep up! Everything he does is just so intense. When he plays, it occupies him entirely. Often that means it needs to occupy me entirely, too! He can play peekaboo over, around, and through the coffee table with me endlessly. He loves practicing walking, usually around me as I sit on the floor, or holding my hands or my pant legs as I move (very, very, very slowly!) from room to room. Chores don't happen fast around here. ;) All this intensity equals one very tired boy, and sometimes I think that he actually ought to sleep more than his body actually does sleep. He gets cranky to the point of screaming hysterically whenever he is put down for so much as a second...displays all the signs of needing to go to bed...but what do you do, put him to bed at 5pm? So we struggle through the last two hours of our day. Play hard, practice hard, and Mommy works really hard to keep Jonathan from crying hard.

It's almost 5pm. I'm off to help my crying son. :)

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