Sunday, March 05, 2006

Cruising, etc.

An update on Jonathan's growing list of skills:

Cruising - all over the place! He can almost circle the family room without crawling now. He starts at the piano bench, moves to one couch and then the other, then to the coffee table and thence to the computer chair and desk. And he's fast. Gabe and I can hardly believe that only a week or two ago he was only taking tentative back and forth steps, and now he is off to explore the world.

Standing, unassisted. Yes, this is a new development in the past two days or so. He can't do it for more than about one or two seconds, but he does let go and balance fairly frequently. Usually he does it when he's excited about something: he lets go to clap his hands, and then looks a bit shocked at his sudden unsteadiness. :)

Words. ??? He's starting to use Dada and Mamamama in ways that just might be deliberate. I'm not sure I'd swear to that, yet, but it is definitely starting to seem more likely. I'm keeping my eye on it.

Understanding words. Oh yes, he's understanding a lot more now. I wish I could get inside his head and know just exactly how much more! One interesting example happened yesterday: I rather idly said "Jonathan, where is the bus? Do you want to play with your bus?" And he went straight to it. This might have been a fluke, except that it seemed so purposeful I tried it again a few times during the day, and every time he went straight for the bus. It's a new toy, and he likes it a lot...perhaps that combined with developmental readiness has helped him connect the word with the toy?

Teeth. Pray for us - I think he's getting another one.

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