Thursday, March 09, 2006

Naming things

Remember a few days ago I posted that I thought Jonathan might know that his bus was a "bus"? Well, I'm sure of it now. He also knows that Pooh Bear is "Pooh Bear". I discovered this when I was trying to finish something and keep Jonathan from fussing at the same time. I rather distractedly said "Jonathan, where is your Pooh Bear? Can you go get your Pooh Bear?" And then was shocked when he crossed the room, and a few minutes later came back dragging Pooh Bear along with him. I don't think that could have been coincidence, since he had to go so far to get it.

I don't know where that is along the "Standards of Development", but I think it's pretty neat. :)


Amber said...

How neat! Isn't it amazing how far ahead their comprehension is from their ability to communicate?

Sarah said...

I babysit for a fourteen month-old girl named Martha, and whenever I read to her, I'll ask her to point out things on the page: "Can you find a dog?" "I see a girl with bare toes. Do you see her?" etc. She almost always points to the right things! The only thing that seems to trip her up a bit is colors - she hasn't quite mastered those yet. But she'll even get tricky things sometimes. She's so clever!