Friday, February 03, 2006

Update on Hunter

Hunter has been diagnosed with Pyloric Stenosis. This is an enlargement of the stomach muscle that regulates the passage of food to the small intestine. Pyloric Stenosis causes Hunter to throw up, which keeps him from getting any nourishment. He had surgery this morning to correct the problem.

Update from his dad:

The surgery went well. Hunter is now sleeping and recovering from surgery back in his room at Children's Hospital. We'll try to feed him this evening (starting with a half ounce of pedialyte). If he's able to keep that down then we'll know that the surgery was a success, and he may be able to come home as early as tomorrow. If he is not able to keep anything down I am not sure what will happen next.

Please pray that he will be able to digest his food at this first post-op feeding, which should be about 4:30 pm. And pray that he will not vomit anymore as that will be a very bad sign.

Emily again: please pray for their family. Particularly pray for their daughter, almost two years old, who is staying with family friends while her parents are at the hospital.

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