Monday, February 06, 2006

Midnight antics

Well, 2 am, actually.

This morning Gabe and I awoke to find our son wide awake, attempting to climb over us and out of bed. It was a little surreal, since he hadn't cried or anything. He just woke up, decided it was time to play, and went exploring.

It would have been cute if he had gone back to sleep.


Linds said...

That sounds like a signal for a crib! :)

Emily said...

We have one, actually, but it doesn't seem to be our best option right now (Jonathan wakes up constantly when he's in it - although he is slowly getting better about settling himself back to sleep.) I think we're going to look into some edge guards for the sides of our bed.

Linds said...

Be careful with those. I totally clocked myself on one at camp when I was a kid. I forgot they were there (we put them up for my brother when he was on the top bunk) and nailed them completely as I leaped out of bed :)