Monday, February 13, 2006

Answered prayers

Isn't it neat when God answers prayer in an immediate and unmistakable way? Two nights ago Gabe and I were awakened by our son, who cried inconsolably and refused to be comforted. Coming on the heels of three or four days of a crabby, cranky baby, I was exhausted and having a hard time feeling compassionate. (I believe my exact thought was something like "Oh Jonathan, just be quiet!") Obviously, this wouldn't do. So as I rolled over to try to comfort him, I prayed "God, please give me empathy for him right now!" And then I stuck my finger in his mouth. Why, I haven't any idea. It's not like he likes sucking on our fingers anymore. But when I did, there was a razor sharp tooth chomping down on my finger! Instant empathy. The poor kid was teething, all this time we thought he was just being impossible!

Thanks be to God, who gives us tired parents the compassion we need. Isn't it wonderful that we only need to ask for it?

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