Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Amazon and coupons???

I just purchased a box of Pampers for a friend who will be having a baby. Amazon (lovely company!) has grabbed my diaper business by offering Amazon Mom - basically you sign up for Amazon Mom, set up Subscribe & Save for your purchase, and voila! reasonably priced diapers without having to set foot outside my house (or remember to re-order before running out). Love it.

What I'm loving even more right now is that there was a little box under the item price asking me if I wanted to "clip a coupon" to apply to the product.


Do I want to? Yes please.

One click and $1.50 was taken off my total. And that was on TOP of the 30% discount I was already receiving.

I am going to be one happy, happy camper if this catches on. :)


ooshela said...

Love, love, love Amazon Mom as well!

Katie Jones said...

It is wonderful! thanks for mentioning the new coupon feature too. I have ordered Luke's diapers this way for months now and have free Amazon Prime shipping now too. I think I have it until September! The best deal, no coupons required!

allegra said...

I love Amazon Mom! I've been buying diapers on Amazon for a year, and now I get free Prime shipping for continuing my shopping habits. I am a happy customer. Thanks for the coupon tip - I hadn't seen that yet.

Courtney said...

I love Amazon and now Amazon Mom. We are Prime members as well (for years). The convenience is wonderful and you don't have to pay extra for it.