Tuesday, January 04, 2011


Josiah has been blossoming lately, in a variety of ways. His language has improved by leaps and bounds in the past weeks. It is common to hear two word sentences, and the occasional three or four word attempt. Every time he wakes up, either in the morning or from a nap, the first thing he asks is "Daddy home?" He knows that Daddy goes to work, of course, but the weekends keep his hope alive that I might just answer "yes!"

At two years old, Josiah is definitely aware of his own preferences, and often gives decided voice to them. Which only makes it sweeter to hear "oh tay" when he's asked to do something! Not that the words are always followed with the desired action, but hey, it's a start!

Since Josiah was a baby, I've been singing "Baby Mine" to him as a lullaby. He requests it every night when we put him to bed, and also whenever he gets hurt or feels in need of comfort. He's learned to sing the opening three notes and words, and sings it to comfort his brothers, along with gentle pats, if they get hurt and cry.

Along with empathy, Siah's imagination is really developing. He enjoys creating interesting recipes in his little kitchen, and considers it hysterically funny to put the pans in the fridge and the food on the burners. He's getting interested in dressing up, especially as a fire fighter. Recently we acquired a baby doll (for use with Lullaby Slings) and Josiah enjoys carrying her around, patting her back, and saying "po baby".

He does the same thing with his stuffed Elmo toy. Can you see it in the picture? We gave it to him for Christmas, after he saw the same toy in cousin Eva's possession. Josiah calls it "Eva Elmo" and it is much beloved.

Siah, darlin', you're much beloved, too.


Mom said...

I loved this post. Thanks for taking the time to write it.

Dy said...

Where did Baby go? WOW, he's just as cute as ever, but growing, growing, growing! They do that. Still. I always find it delightful. Thank you, for sharing with us.

allegra said...

Awww... there's Eva's Elmo. Too cute!