Wednesday, January 05, 2011


Our Jonathan loves to build things, create things, rig things, explore things. It is a fascinating world.

Lately he's been discovering the joys of Lego creation. For quite awhile he had difficulty adjusting to the freedom all those little pieces afforded - he wanted instructions, and he wanted help, and he was disturbed if our pieces were different colors than the pieces in the picture/instructions. Just recently he seems to be breaking away from that and enjoying creating on his own. Yesterday it was a castle with a jail cell, and a special airplane to transport the prisoners.

He is constantly asking me to do a "special project" with him. By which he means, something messy, preferably with paint and needing glue and scissors. My poor craft-hating self wants to run away and hide every time this request is made, but I'm trying to curb that tendency. :) Jonathan just loves to create things!

I'm always finding various interesting objects hung from his curtain rods. He taught himself to tie knots and is getting quite good at rigging blankets and toys above his bed. Once he "hung" the baby doll by the neck with a pair of hand-cuffs and a rope. Gabe laughed hysterically and wanted to take a picture. I rescued the baby and gave her to Josiah. "Po baby" indeed!

Jonathan is very interested in how things work, and definitely prefers to learn in a hands-on manner. He found a spare external spigot that Gabe hadn't installed yet, twisted the handle and peered inside for awhile, and then commented, "Oh, now I know how this works."


Mom said...

Another great post! What interesting little fellows you have. Thanks!

Christopher said...

I knew I liked that kid! :)

Christa said...

I'll trade you Jonathan for Kate. You teach music and I'll teach art = )

Dy said...

I love these updates. And my craft-avoidance gene empathizes with you, but my mama-sense says you're doing the right thing. He'll remember these messy, wonderful times with you.

He's just an amazing little boy, Emily! And he's right, it is a fascinating world.