Wednesday, June 09, 2010


(Photo taken at the Awana awards ceremony)

In the midst of the millions of words that my firstborn uses each day (yes, I'm convinced it is in the millions) some really stand out. For example, the other day we were walking together and he happily stated "Mom, I'm really cool. I can do anything!" Well then! No self esteem issues there!

A few days ago, when Gabe and I were away celebrating our anniversary, Miss Carolyn took the boys to get Happy Meals and then to the park. Carolyn reported back that Jonathan lay back on the grass and sighed "I really needed a day off."

Oh child, you have every day off. But I'm glad you enjoyed that one!


Jen said...

What a little character you have! Too cute!

sarah marie said...

Haha, what a cutie! Did you see the video on my blog of the little girl saying, "I can do anything!"? I thought that was so great.

Happy anniversary to you and Gabe!

Mom said...

Congratulations, Jonathan, on your Awana awards! We love you and are very, very proud of you!