Saturday, June 05, 2010

Cheap cheese!

I had a fun, quick trip to Vons this morning and thought I'd share. Many items are on sale "Buy 8 get $4 off instantly" (check the vons flyer for details). The sale is ongoing through Tuesday if you want to duplicate my trip or plan your own.

I purchased:
6 lbs shredded cheddar
2 lbs lunch meat
tortilla chips
minute maid orange juice
fransisco whole wheat sandwich rolls
snyders pretzels

Coupons used:
- .55 real ca dairy product
- .55 real ca cheese
- .55 real ca cheese (05-23-10 SS)
- 1.00 land o'frost (quick sign-up required)
- 1.00 land o'frost
-1.50 oj (e-coupon surprise - I love those!)
- .75 fransisco bread (03-07-10 SS)
-1.00 snyders pretzels (05-23-10 SS)

Some of those coupons doubled (up to a dollar) leaving me with a grand total of $21.38!

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