Saturday, June 12, 2010

Extroverted week

Tuesday: guests for dinner
Thursday: guests for dinner
Friday: hosted Artists' Night
Saturday morning: DASC doula meeting
Saturday evening: dinner with a friend

All absolutely lovely events, and I'm glad that we did every one of them! But oh my, I'm enjoying the fact that no one is home right now. And if you see me at church tomorrow, I won't be at all offended if you just nod, smile, and walk right by! :)


allegra said...

Ha! I felt that way on Friday after a trip to the mall (not my favorite place) with Eva, who made no fewer than 10 new friends from her stroller. I hope you get some quiet time today.

Amber said...

Oh my, I hear you! I'm in the midsts of a really busy time right now with lots of outside engagements and people coming over - and while I am glad to see everyone and glad to be doing it... I'm ready to just go hide in a hole for awhile!!!

Too bad it isn't ending anytime soon. June is shaping up to be a major extrovert month, ending with 5 days of summer faith camp where I'm teaching for the first time. Eeek!!!