Thursday, April 29, 2010

Playing doctor

I threw up this morning.* Seconds later Josiah was patting my shoulder, Jonathan was taking my temperature, and Thomas was preparing to give me a shot "to make me feel better".

They sent me straight to bed (I didn't argue!) and Jonathan informed me that he could take care of getting snacks for everyone. As he left the room I heard him explain to Thomas "Now, I'm in control, ok?"

Clearly, everything is in good hands and I can stay in bed.

*No, I'm not pregnant. :) And I don't think I'm actually sick - I think it was a combination of a medication side effect and not enough sleep last night.


Amie said...

Hope you feel better and I have to confess being guilty of instantly assuming you were pregnant...I hate it when I'm sick and people assume that about me...but now I am the one to assume (before reading your full post that is...) guilty as charged!:-) Glad your boys are taking care of you!

onetallmama said...

Just here to admit my guilt as well. Pregnancy was my thought...glad I read the whole post and not just the Google Reader portion. Hope the "doctors" know what to, relaxation, foot rubs are all great remedies. :)

Mom said...

Hope you're feeling better. Isn't it fun to see your kids "rise to the occasion"? Makes you realize you must be doing things well! (We already knew that you are, but isn't it good to see it for your self?)

Amber said...

That is really cute! I hope you are feeling better - what a bummer to have to take a medication with a side effect like that.

It is dangerous business to admit to any sort of stomach related illness when you are of child bearing age, isn't it!