Thursday, April 22, 2010

Lent, in hindsight

Blogging about an entire 40 days, all at once, is rather difficult. I'm going to give up trying to make it cohesive, and just touch on some things to catch you up.

We decided to home school Jonathan next year. I spent way too much time agonizing over this, and still haven't decided exactly how to home school (although I think we're getting closer to figuring it out).

I discovered that I like writing and I missed blogging. I kept a journal instead, of everything that I wanted to think through or post about.

I realized that Thomas is getting overlooked a bit. I need to find a good way to change that. I'd like to find a time to focus just on him, perhaps to read together and do his own preschool book. He's asked for a math and letters workbook, and I know he's ready - I've been so busy thinking about school for Jonathan that I really let slide the fact that Thomas is ready to start preschool, too. Something to work on.

Jonathan started reading. He's currently working his way through the BOB books, and sounding out words he sees everywhere.

Josiah discovered books! He'll bring me his favorites and plop himself down in my lap, and he wants me to read them over and over and over again. I'm really enjoying that!

We thought about getting pregnant. Had an interesting few days and then I was very grateful to find out that I am NOT.

Something clicked for Jonathan - I can now ask him to clean up his room unsupervised (while I work with Thomas and Josiah in the living room) and he can.

I completed all the coursework for the Childbirth International Doula program. Now I just need to assist two more women during labor, and I'll be a certified doula.

We moved further toward simplified, more intentional living. Did a couple of "purges" and gave away a lot of things. Even the kids joined in with these, which was awesome. They got to bring a bag of stuffed animals to the local life center and give them away personally. Hard, but good - I was very proud of them.

Along the same lines, we're further down the road of real food nutrition and a goal of...I'm not quite sure what to call it...whole living? I'll blog about this more soon.

And staying off the computer? It was good for me. Things that God tells you to do generally are. I'm glad to be back, but I'm going to be using the internet more carefully. It is useful, but it isn't generally restful. It is definitely not what I should turn to when I'm tired, and nothing that I do online is more important than responding to my children. I'm glad that God gave me some space to really figure that out.


Katie Jones said...

Thanks for the post- glad to have you back online (selfishly :) ) I am interested in hearing your whole living ideas. I have been challenged lately to buy more natural cleaners and personal hygiene products.

Aimee said...

thanks for visiting me! i SO want to be become a's been on my mind for years but I have been too busy needing doulas LOL :) Love your thoughts about time on-line being USEFUL but not RESTFUL...that is soooo true and I had never put words to that before! THANKS!

Amber said...

Nice job boiling down the 40 days. :-) It is good to have you back on your blog, I missed you!

And I'm so excited to read that you'll be homeschooling Jonathan. And hooray that he's reading, how wonderful! BTW, I've been thinking a lot about our conversation regarding reading as I've started working with Gregory... and what I did with Emma is so not going to work with Gregory either! Like you said, sitting down with that book is just not going to be a good experience. I think with Gregory I could probably make him do it, but it would be a brutal experience for all of us. So we're playing with letter cards and sounds, clicking around on Starfall, and just generally taking a different approach. I'm so thankful that I have the flexibility to do it this way!

Emily (Laundry and Lullabies) said...

Starfall is wonderful, isn't it? Jonathan and Thomas enjoy it so much, I have to set the timer! :)