Monday, April 12, 2010

Little friendships

I am really enjoying watching my boys develop friendships. Both Jonathan and Thomas have sweet, generous hearts that are especially visible in their care for their friends. Some recent examples:

When Jonathan came home after the church Easter egg hunt, he carefully set aside little piles of candy or toys for each one of the neighborhood children, as well as for some of his other friends. This was not by my prompting - he simply thought it would make them happy.

Some days ago Thomas was praying before bedtime. His prayer went "Thank you for Brigid and Sam, my best two friends."

Next weekend we're going to a birthday party for another little boy, and Jonathan's eyes simply lit up when I told him that he could pick the present. "Oh, I know that he likes Star Wars, and Dark Bader, so we should get him one of those and he'll like it so much!!!!"

Last week we were going to the park, and Thomas practically jumped up and down, so excited that he got to play with "My Sam!"

And finally one of the sweetest (and funniest) conversations:

Jonathan: When I'm a grownup, I'm going to walk up to Brigid and say, "you're going to marry me, Brigid". And then we'll be married.

Me: Well, Jonathan, you'll have to ask her first, and then she'll have to say yes if she wants to.

Jonathan: Well, I know she will because I love her and she loves me so much.

I know that as they grow, their relationships will become far more complex. Right now I'm enjoying the simplicity and the sweetness.

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Oh, that's so darn cute!