Monday, October 05, 2009

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming...

to pat Mommy on the back.

This morning Jonathan asked for a graham cracker for his snack. I said that graham crackers weren't an option, but would he like a cheese stick or some apple slices? He threw a half-hearted fit about that, then opened the refrigerator and asked "Mommy, how about some carrots and keifer?"

Pat pat pat. I think I'm doing something right.


Lizzie said...

What a good boy!

And how have I not come across your blog before now? I have a degree in vocal music but am taking time right now to mother my four crazy boys. :)

sarah marie said...

Mmm, kefir. Remember how, when we all called Christopher "Feefer" (sp?) as a nickname, Grandpa always thought it was "Kefir"? That memory just made me smile.