Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Trader Joe's

I've never really understood the appeal of Trader Joe's. I've shopped there a few times, and they have a few products that I like, but not enough to make me go back frequently. That said, it does have nice ambiance, and while it isn't my shop of choice I know that it is the favorite of many of my friends. So when my sister linked to an article including this video, I watched it, and it made me smile. Enjoy.


Amy said...

Thanks, this made me smile!

sarah marie said...

I hope you noticed the "ball of ice cream that's covered with flour" - we had some of those when you were visiting me! And those chili lime cashews... for those alone, every time I'm going to Trader Joe's Nathan says, "I'm coming too!" and tries to sneak them into my cart. They are amazing.

You're possibly the only person I know who doesn't love Trader Joe's, Em.

becca said...

Trader Joes is awesome. We miss it tons, even though we have Wegmans which is, perhaps, the best grocery store on the face of the earth.