Friday, October 09, 2009


Josiah is properly signing "more", "milk", "hungry", and "all done". I started signing with him about ten days ago, and suddenly it all clicked! He's using the signs appropriately and specifically to get what he wants (not just in response to us.) Hurray for communication!

He is also pointing very effectively and continuing to say "over there" and I think he's also adding "that". If he thinks something is exciting and wonderful he greets it with an adorable "oooooh!!!!" So far, the most exciting and beautiful things he has encountered are trees. That boy LOVES TREES. He wants to touch them, and look up into their leaves (especially if there is a breeze blowing!) and especially likes it when I lift him up to sit on a branch. Maybe he'll grow up to be a naturalist. :)


Amber said...

Hooray! I was wondering if you had started that with Josiah. I got the book from the library last night and read it. I started using some signs with Nathan this morning - and I'm using them with the other kids too, just to help reinforce it in my mind and hopefully so they can pick them up too and use them with Nathan.

So far everyone thinks it is fun - and funny!

Thanks for the recommendation!

allegra said...

Matt and I have been signing a little bit, but so far Eva just thinks it's entertainment, so it's neat to hear how it works with older babies. It must be satisfying to see it suddenly make sense. What book (or other resources) did you use?