Sunday, August 02, 2009


Who ever said that women can't give birth normally after multiple c-sections? This woman had three prior sections, and gave birth unassisted on the side of the freeway. Not the way I'd want to do it, true, but it certainly can be done! :)

I'm on a birth kick right now because my friend Ingrid is about to have a baby. She's due on August 5th, and I am SO EXCITED because she's asked me to be part of her birth. Did I mention that I'm SO EXCITED??? And honored and amazed and so incredibly excited?

I love birth. I really can't think of anything more incredible. Now that I've done it three times myself, all in wildly different situations, I am really looking forward to this chance to experience it from the other side, in an assisting role.

So Ingrid, thank you for this opportunity. I can't wait. And now that I'm back from vacation, you go ahead and go into labor any time you want. :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks Em. Could you let Isaac know that he has the all clear? I don't think he knows what a due date is. I was kind of hoping to go into labor last night but no such luck!

Amber said...

Wow, due on my birthday, how cool. :-) That sounds really amazing to be at someone else's birth. Honestly though, I'm not sure how I'd feel about doing that myself. But what an honor to be asked!